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  • Prevalence of Vitamin K2 deficiency over lifetime

Vitamin K2 deficiency or insufficiency has been seen in 97% of older subjects in a mixed population

Us Food and Nutrition Board established an adequate intake (AI) levels of 90 μg of vitamin k for women

  • Prevalence and predictors of Vitamin D inadequacy 

The incidence of vitamin D deficiency has been found to be surprisingly high in young individuals and in osteoporotic women:

Age: 30 - 50 years, vitamin D < 12 ng/ml percent prevalence:  83.9% women*

Age: 50 - 87 years, vitamin D < 30 ng/ml percent prevalence:  84.9% women**

  • Calcium: a key nutrient for good bone health

Calcium, together with vitamin D, protein and other nutrients helps adults maintain healthy bones and avoid premature bone loss, and seniors to sustain mobility and independence.

  • Results from the IOF¥ calcium calculator: 

Of 6908 people who calculated their daily calcium intake, 89 % were calcium deficient consuming an average of 594 mcg /day

  • Are you getting enough?

Optimal amount of calcium intake according to IOM‡‡ 1,000 mg/day for adults and 1200 mg/day for women over 60 and men over 70


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¥ IOF: International Osteoporosis Foundation

‡‡ IOM: Institute Of Medicine


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