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Is calcium supplementation  a cause for concern?

British medical Journal (BmJ) 2008 “Calcium supplements in healthy post-menopausal women are associated with upward trends in cardiovascular event rates. This potentially detrimental effect should be balanced against the likely benefits of calcium on bone.” This fiveyear study on 1,471 postmenopausal women suggests that “women who take calcium supplements may have increased risk of heart attack, stroke or sudden death; because calcium supplements may accelerate the formation of calcium deposits in the arteries by increasing blood calcium levels.

The Rotterdam Study

Another large epidemiological population-based study published in 2004 - The “Rotterdam study” with 4,473 subjects with no history of myocardial infarction, over a period of 10 years showed a significant 50% eduction in coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality and aortic calcification for those who were in the 45 mcg per day of dietary intake of vitamin K2 in the upper tertile and 25% reduction in 24 mcg per mid tertile compared to the 12.5 mcg per lower tertile. Such dose-response relationship in a population was impressive for the new role of vitamin K2. Their fin ings did not show any correlation between vitamin K1 intakes to the CHD outcome.

The Gast Study

The Gast study published in 2009 with 16,057 participants over 8 years confirmed the Rotterdam study and concluded a 9% reduction in risk of developing CHD for every 10 mcg of natural vitamin K2 consumed. The highest average consumption was >36 mcg K2/day. This study could not confirm a protectve effect of vitamin K1 for coronary calcification and CHD similar to the conclusions of Rotterdam stuy.

Fortunately the medical community is beginning to accept the importance of Vitamin K2. The natural form as Vitamin K2 is a fat soluble vitamin necessary  for the activation of Osteocalcin and matrix Gla-Protein (mGP) for safe and effective calcium utilization. Hence increased calcium intake especially if combined with Vitamin D3, results in increased absorption of Calcium. However, Vitamin K2 aids in safe and effective utilization and thus providing a complete formulation.

Vitamin K2 Reduces The Risk of CardioVascular Death By 50%!


“...A statistically signifcant increase was found in the number of women who had a myocardial infarction in the calcium group compared with placebo...”


“... A statistically significant reduction of cardiovascular diseases and death by 50%...”


“...9% reduction of risk of Coronary Heart Disease for every 10 mcg natural K2 a day...”


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