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Vitamin K2 for Bones

Vitamin K2 for healthy bones

Vitamin K2 is arguably the most interesting vitamin of this decade. Its function is unique and its beneficial effects on bone and cardiovascular health have been clearly documented.

• Strong bones developed in childhood and maintained afterward reduces the risk of osteoporotic fracture as high peak bone mass buffers bone loss later in life

• K2 vitamins are required in order to utilize calcium to make bone matrix healthy. K2 vitamins activate a protein involved in the bone builing process, namely osteocalcin, which is capable of binding calcium to the mineral part of bone, thus strengthening the skeleton

• Higher levels of vitamin K2 are strongly associated with better bone mass, density, improved bone geometry and mineral content

• Vitamin K2 deficiency leads to the synthesis of inactive osteocalcin species that cannot bind calcium to the surface of bone

• The majority of adults and children are vitamin K2 deficient

Strongly recommending vitamin K2

Industry experts are now strongly recommending vitamin K2 supplementation to help ensure bone and heart health: “the goal should be to provide supplements that help put calcium in the bones where it is needed, and keep it out of the soft tissues and arteries, where it can be harmful. Recent research has shown that vitamin K2 plays a vital role in calcium utilization, and we believe it should be included in all calcium supplements”.


Why you never heard this before?

Because the focus has been on how much Vitamin K it takes to make blood clot, the issue of how much a person needs to maintain solid bone and clear arteries hasn’t been adequately researched.




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