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MenaCAL/D3 Safety

Avoiding unwanted calcification and simultaneously keeping healthy bones is important for millions of people all over the world. It is thus vital to know that natural Vitamin K2 is safe. Present studies show that 45 ìg of Vitamin K2 does not interfere with blood-thinning medicines, and as such Vitamin K2 does not provoke any additional risk of clot formation inside blood vessels. However, a person using the blood thinning medicines coumarin or warfarin, should consult their physician for options, and under their care, consider supplementing with MenaCAL/D3.

Vitamin K2 is recognized by FDA GRAS association in the US as supplement safe to use.

MenaCAL/D3 contains (Per two pills):

45 mcg Vitamin K2 + 600 mg calcium carbonate + 800 IU Vitamin D3.



MenaCAL/D3® – For People at all ages

• Modern lifestyles require vitamin K2 supplementation for various extra-hepatic tissues (outside the liver) as not enough is available for them through our diet and hence the majority of children and adults are vitamin K2 deficient

• Woman should take MenaCAL/D3® daily to maintain strong bones before and during menopause to prevent Osteoporosis and improve bone density, and reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, myocardial infarction and stroke

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