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10 Must-Ask Questions


10 Must-Ask Questions


Do all systems on the market meet the
uncompromised quality and efficiency that IDS
brings with the IDS-iSYS specialty immunoassay system?

IDS presents 10 must-ask questions before choosing your automated immunoassay system. 

 Is the cuvette system efficient and reliable?

    • The IDS-iSYS processing module is a simple and efficient single cuvette per test system.
    • With easy and safe cuvette loading, jams are uncommon.
    • Completed test data is stored onboard, so there is no risk of data loss in the event of a cuvette jam.

Other systems may lose data following a cuvette jam and tests must be repeated.

 Can refrigerated reagents be stored onboard overnight?

    •  The IDS-iSYS reagent module is temperature regulated (12-15°C during run mode and 8-10°C during standby).
    • This allows the refrigerated reagents to be stored onboard during run mode as well as overnight during standby which improves workflow efficiency in the laboratory.

Other systems may require reagents to be removed, resealed and placed into a refrigerator overnight.

  If a washer fails, can the system continue to run?

    • The IDS-iSYS offers enhanced throughout with 4 independent washers.
    • A single washer can be switched off if performance is not optimal.
    • The IDS-iSYS can maintain maximum throughput with only 2 washers operational and 60% throughout with only 1 washer operational.

Other systems may have to shut down in the event of washer failure.

Does the system offer full traceability?

    • The IDS-iSYS reagent cartridges are barcoded and ready to use, ensuring full traceability of all reagents as well as QC results.
    • Advanced traceability is ensured with the use of barcoded ancillary products.
    • The lot number of reagents and ancillaries can be traced against each patient sample, giving the user confidence in reporting.

Other systems may offer poor traceability of QC results and may not trace ancillaries.

 Do you know who actually manufactures the system?

    • The IDS-iSYS immunoassay system is manufactured by IDS which means system design and production are totally controlled by IDS.
    • This gives the user confidence and satisfaction in our products.

Some suppliers may outsource their instrument manufacturing which gives the supplier less control.

 Is the software interface state of the art and efficient?

    • The IDS-iSYS software interface is designed around the Windows operating system making the software easy to learn and use.
    • Ethernet connection allows software networking and remote diagnostic sessions.
    • Remote access allows rapid technical assistance, remote software training, and speedier software upgrades.

Other systems may be built on old technology and may not offer remote access.

 Are the ancillaries managed by the software?

    • The IDS-iSYS manages ancillaries via the software interface, ensuring no loss of data and complete confidence in reporting.
    • Automatic ancillary level detection allows the user to forecast future ancillary requirements to improve workflow in the laboratory.

Other systems may not be able to check for actual onboard ancillary levels.

 Can the software shut down without interfering with runs?

    • The IDS-iSYS software has the ability to shut down or reboot without interfering with runs in progress.
    • The IDS-iSYS can run independently of the software.

Some systems cannot be operated when the computer is turned off or experiences a failure, causing loss of runs in progress.

Can system checks be performed automatically?

    • Efficient operational checks can be incorporated into the IDS-iSYS automatic start-up enabling system
      readiness at the start of the working day in the laboratory.

The system checks on other systems may be a more time consuming manual process.

 Is daily maintenance managed by the software?

    • Daily maintenance is managed by the IDS-iSYS software, reducing dependence on the user.
    • Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is tracked by the IDS-iSYS software.

Other systems’ software may not track maintenance and will depend on the user to track daily, weekly and monthly checks.







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