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IDS iSYS Overview

The IDS-iSYS Specialty
Immunoassay System

Historically, analytical challenges have made performance of specialty assays impossible for all but the highest volume or most specialized laboratories. Until now.

Designed with the flexibility needed to accommodate unique and challenging assay requirements, IDS-iSYS automation brings testing efficiency and uncompromised quality to specialty immunoassay testing in laboratories of all types and volumes.


Uncompromised Quality
and Efficiency

The IDS-iSYS combines 50 years of instrumentation engineering experience with world-respected assay development skills into a compact, benchtop system that fully automates testing of the most challenging calcium, bone, growth and hypertension markers.


Uncompromised Efficiency
Full, walk-away automation
• Compact, benchtop design
• Continuous loading with Batch, Random, and STAT flexibility
• Easy operation with auto start-up and shut-down
• On-board refrigeration of ready-to-use reagent cartridges

Uncompromised Quality
• Excellent correlation with gold-standard assays
• Independent test cuvette processing
• Traceability of samples, reagents, and consumables


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