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Clinical studies

Three clinical studies were conducted to investigate the benefits of Lypotrol® on body composition. With results from more than 190 subjects, this natural fat shredder is a proven safe  solution for helping to rid the body of the excess fat mass.

The second clinical study was performed with 95 overweight subjects over 3 months who consumed a normal diet and limited physical activity to 30 mins/week (Dallas C. et al. Phytother. Res.2014). Lypotrol® helped to enhance body composition:

  • Proven fat loss: abdominal fat significantly decreased by 9.73% in the Lypotrol® group.
  • Waist and hip circumferences were each reduced by an average 5 cm (p

The third clinical study, conducted on 77 overweight and obese subjects, confirms the benefits of Lypotrol® over 4 months:

  • The Lypotrol® group showed an average decrease of 63% in their excess body fat mass (p
  • Resting energy expenditure for subjects in the Lypotrol® group increased by 180 kcal/day (p
  • Mechanism of action: free fatty acid release in the plasma showed significantly higher levels in the Lypotrol® group.


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