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Immunity Overview

Natural blueberry flavor with other natural flavors
Available in 7 and 14 sizes

• In the bloodstream in less than 30 minutes
• DARTvision™ fingerprinted extract with targeted dose-reliable bioactives
• Dose Reliable Elderberry Extract

Dating back to the fifth century BCE, the writings of Hippocrates describe the use of tonics derived from Elderberry (Sambucus nigra). In the Middle Ages, Elderberry was traditionally used to help support the immune system.

New Chapter® is proud to deliver this revered botanical in Immunity Take Care®, a nurtaceutical therapeutic that enhances the immune system.*

New Chapter believes in the infinite wisdom of nature and that the whole nutrient and its family of chemistries, and not just a small fraction of its chemical components, delivers Nature’s true wisdom. This belief in the whole nutrients represents the foundation of our formulation philosophy for all nutraceutical therapeutics.

While many conventional extracts of Elderberry are available, none consistently provides the broad spectrum of nutraceutical chemistries and key bioactives available in Immunity Take Care®. This breakthrough formula combines Nature’s full nutraceutical intelligence with a unique extraction process that guarantees dose assured potency in every lozenge.

Dosage Assured Potency

Using a scientific breakthrough called DARTvision™, Immunity Take Care® nutraceutical extract is
fingerprinted and guaranteed to have the same full-spectrum potency from lozenge to lozenge without the variation common in natural nutraceutical therapeutics. This innovation ensures that the whole intelligence of the nutraceutical is consistently delivered.


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