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What is Inflammation?

Many people think that only joints are affected by inflammation. The truth is that the body’s natural inflammatory response affects everyone and every major organ system.

Given the link between a healthy inflammation response and whole body health – a source of extensive and ongoing research – a supplement strategy geared toward promoting a healthy inflammation response is as fundamental as a daily multivitamin.
Research at leading medical institutions, including human clinical trials, has demonstrated a unique patented nutraceutical formulation’s ability to promote a safe, natural and healthy response to inflammation.

The Whole Truth
Inflammation affects tens of millions of Americans and millions more around the world.

Inflammation affects everyone and every major organ system.

Scientists have discovered many nutrients that, if sufficiently concentrated and intelligently blended, can safely, powerfully, and naturally modulate inflammation.

New Chapter’s nutraceutical therapeutic Zyflamend is America’s #1 selling nutraceutical therapeutic for inflammation management, and continues to undergo clinical trials at some of the most respected research institutions in the world.

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