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What is Cenitrol®

Cenitrol® is a yeast hydrolysate called DNF-10 for appetite regulation. DNF-10® is a protein hydrolysate from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Active on the mediators of satiety, DNF-10® helps to lower calorie intake and reduce body fat mass. Benefits have been clinically demonstrated after the first weeks of use.

Mechanism of action

Cenitrol® : decreasing food intake

Cenitrol®  has a significant action on the modulators of short-term food intake at the hypothalamic level (NPY) and at the digestive level with a reduction in the hunger hormone ghrelin have been demonstrated.

Over the longer-term, Cenitrol® also regulates our cellular secretion of leptin, the satiety hormone.

Benefits of Cenitrol® 

Yeast hydrolysate (DNF-10®) for appetite regulation

Eating behavior is complex, affected by a myriad of external and emotional factors, but recognizing ‘fullness’ is key in order to regulate appetite. So how to create satiety – the feeling of fullness – and promote weight loss?

To answer this, first we need to understand how the body recognizes fullness. Leptin and ghrelin are hormones produced by the body that can influence appetite and satiety. Leptin,an anorexigenic, suppresses food intake, thereby promoting weight loss. Ghrelin, on the other hand, is an orexigenic and fast-acting hormone, and plays a role in meal initiation.

The mechanisms by which these ‘hunger hormones’ have an influence on energy balance has been widely studied. Medical research has examined yeast hydrolysate (DNF-10®) as a way to promote physiological activity with anti-obesity effects through satiety control.

Among the body of research is a randomised, placebo-controlled study of obese female adults aged 20-28 years. It found those in the two groups who consumed pouches containing yeast hydrolysate , DNF-10®, (HY-1 and HY-2) experienced a significant decrease in body weight and BMI after six weeks of treatment – an outcome which suggests yeast hydrolysate (DNF-10®) can have beneficial properties as a weight-loss supplement through satiety control. The study also found that weight loss was evenly distributed throughout the body. As well as reduction on abdominal fat, there was reduced skinfold thickness in areas including hips, waist and arm triceps.

Another study which examined the effects of yeast hydrolysate (DNF-10®) on body weight and abdominal fat accumulation in obese adults found that yeast hydrolysate (DNF-10®) reduced body weight, BMI and the accumulation of abdominal fat by week 10, without an adverse effect on lean body mass in obese adults, via the reduction of energy intake.

Cenitrol® obtains the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Unlike other weight loss supplements which promote fast-action weight loss results, the effect of Cenitrol on the body is gentler, resulting in a slower process over a longer period of time. In May 23, Cenitrol was recognized by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). The ingredient’s safety is a significant competitive advantage over other products.


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