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Catheter with a balloon for postpartum uterine hemorrhage

For the control or temporary reduction of the postpartum uterine bleeding when conservative management is warranted.

Catheter equipped with 2 balloons:

1- an external one to be inflated with sterile saline solution (maximum inflation 60 ml) through the blue-colored “water” lumen,

2- an internal one to be inflated with air (suggested inflation: 350 cc of air, equivalent to 6 pumping with the 60 ml syringe; maximum inflation 420 cc) through the transparent “air inflation” lumen.

The special inflation valve of the transparent lumen enables to maintain the syringe connected during the inflation process. The red drainage lumen must be connected to the fitted fluid collection bag for the correct monitoring of the blood loss. This specific design of the balloons enables the device to be very light, thus avoiding the risk of balloon slippage. The inflation and deflation process is very fast and it is possible to reposition the catheter in case of misplacement. Ease of use by the physician and total comfort for the patient. The kit consists of a catheter, 60 ml syringe, and fluid collection bag.

METRASTOP®  is a registered TRADEMARK of RI.MOS srl, Italy

The kit is charecterised by the following:

1- Dual lightweight balloon , comfort for the patient

2- The balloon remains in place, avoiding the risk of slippage

3- The balloon can be rapidly inflated

4- The doctor has the chance to reposition the catheter in case of misplacement.

The Kit consists of a catheter, 60 ml syringe and fluid collection bag.

Box of 2 catheters. Supplied in single pouch, single use, EtO sterilized and CE marked.

METRASTOP®  is a registered TRADEMARK of RI.MOS srl, Italy


1-Determine uterine volume by direct examination or ultrasound examination

2- Transvaginal placement:

Insert the distal part of the catheter into the uterus, making sure that the balloon is completely positioned beyond the cervical canal and the internal ostium

Transabdominal Placement during C-Section:

  • Insert the catheter by hysterotomy, placing the part with inflation fittings into the vaginal canal through cervix, and the tip with balloon into the uterine cavity.
  • Close the incision as standard practice


  • Preload the 60 ml included syringe with sterile saline solution. Connect the syringe to the blue lumen “water”and inject the liquid. Close the stopcock. In this way the outer balloon is inflated.
  • Connect the same 60 ml syringe (empty) to the inflation valve of the stopcock of the transparent lumen“air inflation” and inflate max 420 cc of air (ca 7 pumps).Once the balloon has been inflated, close the stopcock.The inflation valve of the transparent lumen allows to keep the syringe connected during inflation procedure.In this way the internal balloon is inflated.


Connect the drainage port (red colour) to the included fluid collection bag to monitor hemostasis


  • Remove the inflation valve of the transparent lumen and open the stopcock in order to leak the air out
  • Open the blue lumen stopcock or use a suitable syringe to draw the contents of the external balloon until it totally deflates.The catheter shaft may be cut to facilitate more rapid deflation
  • Gently retract the balloon from the uterus and vaginal canal and discard

METRASTOP®  is a registered TRADEMARK of RI.MOS srl, Italy

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