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Working For Omicron

When you join Omicron Pharmaceuticals, you will not only work for a team of dedicated and highly talented professionals, you will be establishing a long-term bond with an organization that you will be an essential partner for achieving its dream and vision.

Our aim is to ensure that every person in the company can grow and develop to his or her full potential.

We employ highly qualified and enthusiastic individuals who inspire, encourage and challenge each other every day. We have high expectations of performance and every individual and team can truly make a difference. Contributors are highly visible, acknowledged and rewarded.

Success is not a coincident

We believe that commitment and love to our work, perseverance, and discipline are the key elements to succeed.
What distinguishes a competitive company is the quality and engagement of its people. There is a direct correlation between motivation levels and corporate success. A high-performance company needs highly motivated people who are willing and able to give their very best in working together to meet company objectives.

What we expect from our people


* Enthusiasm
* Taking initiatives
* Creativity and innovation


* Being Trustful
* Being honest and sincere
* Having open and continuous communication


* Acting quickly and result-oriented
* Fighting for ideas and objectives
* Working hard to improve their knowledge

Team Oriented

* Showing respect to other team members, partners and customers
* Active listener
* Showing commitment

How to apply?

To apply in writing, please send your complete application and supporting documents to the following address:
Baabda, Main Road, Next to Yaduna Foundation
Gemini Building, Ground Floor
Beirut – Lebanon

Please remember to provide your address.
Your application will be treated with strict confidentiality.
Please attach the following documents and materials to your letter of application:

• CV in tabular form
• Copies of all certificates (university degrees, letters of reference, etc.)
• Work experience records
• Certificates of additional skills acquired
• CV written in Arabic or English

Should you prefer to apply via e-mail, please send the above listed documents attached as PDF files to:

Selection Process

Once your application has been received, the details will be reviewed by our Human Resources Division and by the department concerned, and your qualification profile will be compared with the job requirement profile. The candidates who appear most suitable for the position will then be interviewed. Based on the interview, a decision will be taken.

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