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29 November 2016
Launch of "KING Trial : Vitamin K2 In Renal Graft"
26 September 2016
Launch of MenaQ7 360 in Lebanese market
04 April 2016
Launch of MenaQ7 45 in Jordanian market
01 April 2016
Launch of Chewie Bone in Lebanese market
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is essential for the body to utilize calcium to build healthy, strong bones and to inhibit calcium deposits in the arteries. It is the only natural vitamin K2 to have earned the VitaK2 Seal of Quality and Efficacy...  
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Several studies show that Calcium supplementation exclusively is not enough for optimal bone health. Our bodies need to optimize the use of calcium as excess calcium will stick to the blood vessel walls, making them stiff and less elastic  
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IDS is dedicated to the development and provision of innovative immunoassays and automated immunoanalyser technologies for use in clinical and research laboratories worldwide  
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