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Progress for people everywhere

A leading international healthcare company.
Providing healthcare products.
Committed to the highest quality standards.

We shall do our utmost to build a high image in the minds of our customers and partners. We do believe such an image cannot be attained if we are unable to provide superior products and services.


Highly Qualified And Trained Team

Highly qualified and trained team

A Network With Local Distributors

A network with Local distributors

Coverage Of Mena Region

Coverage of Mena Region

Alliance With High-quality Manufacturers In Europe

Alliance with high-quality manufacturers in Europe

Building the future and making life better for people.

We act responsibly in everything we do.

Building a Healthy Community One Individual at a Time.

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Vitamin K2 supplementation and arterial stiffness among renal transplant recipients—a single-arm, single-center clinical trial

Subclinical vitamin K deficiency is prevalent among renal transplant recipients and is associated with an…

High Dephosphorylated-Uncarboxylated MGP in Hemodialysis patients: risk factors and response to vitamin K2, A pre-post intervention clinical trial

Background: Vascular calcifications are highly prevalent in hemodialysis patients. Dephosphorylated-uncarboxylated MGP (dp-ucMGP) was found to…

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